Pest Animal Management | Pest Bird Control
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Pest Bird Control

Pest birds have become a huge problem throughout Australia and are extremely abundant throughout the urban areas of Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich. Pest birds pose a serious health threat to humans. Pigeons transmit many diseases to humans and animals


Pest birds are opportunistic and will roost and nest readily in open structure sheds, eaves and roofing, factories and most inner city buildings. Nesting in close proximity to these human activity areas increases the risk of bird or pigeon disease transmission.


Pest Animal Management Queensland uses a variety of methods to remove, exclude and eradicate pest birds:


Cage trapping: Live capture removal of pest birds using specially designed cage traps.


Physical barriers: (exclusion netting, bird spikes, sheeting),


Field Shooting: This method of pest bird control offers the client an immediate result and is often the preferred option by clients. Best suited to industrial sheds and commercial buildings where the birds are in an enclosed situation.

Most common pest bird species in the SE Qld region are: 

Feral pigeon (Colomba livia)
Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis)
Sparrows (Passer domesticus)
Starlings (Stumus vulgaris)

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