Pest Animal Management | Fumigation of dens and burrows
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Fumigation of dens and burrows


Foxes have a significant impact on native fauna and urban pets. Fox control can be difficult to achieve in urban areas. Fumigation of breeding, or natal dens with carbon monoxide (CO) gas is sometimes used to destroy young cubs. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that causes oxygen depletion leading to unconsciousness and rapid death without pain or discernible discomfort. The gas is generated by the incomplete combustion of carbon using sodium nitrate within a fumigant cartridge.

Rabbits are becoming an increasing problem in SE Qld. Fumigation of active burrows is effective as follow-up technique to poison baiting and viral control release. Fumigation is useful for removing any remaining rabbits after baiting and ripping, particularly in areas where access is limited (eg. along fence lines and river banks) or where baiting and/or ripping is not possible (eg. sensitive cultural site, high value conservation area, risk to non-target species or proximity to dwellings). Fumigation can be carried out any time of the year but is most effective if done just before the start of the rabbit breeding season.


Pest Animal Management Queensland is fully licensed to fumigate both fox dens and rabbit burrows