Pest Animal Management | About Us
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About Us

Pest Animal Management Qld is a family owned pest management business based In Ipswich, Queensland


Pest Animal Management Qld specialise in all aspects of animal damage control in urban areas… foothold trapping, cage trapping, contract shooting, nuisance animal removal, den and burrow fumigation, remote camera surveillance, predator calling… to name a few of the services provided

PAMQ tackle all pest issues and welcome the “too hard” jobs that others refuse to quote on. All our work is backed by state regulations and RSPCA’S guidelines.


Pest Animal Management Qld are here to assist anyone who is in need of professional assistance in dealing with damage caused by feral animals and nuisance native fauna. Our clients range from urban property owners to State Govt land managers, commercial and industrial sites to expansive private grazing properties.


If you are incurring losses and hardship from annoying pests or feral animals, contact the team at Pest Animal Management Qld on 07 3389 5129 or 0411 822 800.

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