Pest Animal Management | South East QLD
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Welcome to Pest Animal Management Queensland

Pest Animal Management Queensland is based at Ipswich in South East Queensland. We are specialists in peri-urban pest management, animal damage control and nuisance native fauna relocation.


Our goal is to provide high quality pest management services to home owners, commercial and industrial properties and rural land owners.


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible outcomes for all our clients.


We know that we can assist you with your pest management issues.

If you are incurring losses and hardship from annoying pests or feral animals, contact the team at Pest Animal Management Qld via the on screen link.

Our  Services:

Contract Shooting

Pest Animal Management Queensland operates in compliance with all licensing requirements and abides by a strict code of conduct.

Feral Animal control

PAMQ recommends using a number of methods and techniques for the control of feral animals, including exclusion fencing, trapping, field shooting, poisoning and virus release.

Pest Bird Control

Pest birds have become a huge problem throughout Australia and are extremely abundant throughout the urban areas of Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

Feral cat trapping

Cats have been in Australia at least since European settlement, and may have arrived with Dutch shipwrecks in the 17th century.

Feral Deer

Four species of deer are established in the wild in Queensland; descendants of deer farm escapees or deer deliberately...

Feral Pig

Domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) were introduced to Australia by early settlers. Subsequent accidental and deliberate releases...

European Hare

The European Brown hare share the order Lagomorpha with the rabbit, but is physically larger and has black-tipped ears and...

Rabbit control

European rabbits have become widespread throughout Australia. Rabbits are believed to have contributed to the decline in numbers...

Fox control

The European Red fox was introduced into Australia as part of an acclimatisation program for the sport of recreational hunting

Wild dog control

Australia's wild dogs include dingoes, were introduced approximately 4000 years ago. Wild dogs are now widely distributed...

Remote Camera Surveillance

Remote surveillance cameras are very effective for recording digital still images and video footage of introduced pest...

Den and Burrow fumigation

Pest Animal Management Queensland is fully licensed to fumigate both fox dens and rabbit burrows

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